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Go sailing without dizziness!

Published the 24 July 2015

Now the good weather in summer are normal plans that include a boat ride, especially in coastal towns like Denia, Calpe, Gandia, Altea and Benidorm. It is common to rent a boat and go out to the open sea to watch the beautiful sunsets, but alert!Do you tides? Let nothing spoil your plans, here are some tips for when you're not dizzy boat.


Tips for not dizzy at boat

1. Rest: be rested before making a boat trip.

2. Eating: eating without abusing before heading out to sea. Also, avoid excessive alcohol and cigarette consumption.

3. Medication: if you know you usually tide, it can take (as long as you know that you feel good and in recommended doses) any medically antimareo as the famous Biodramina. As a tip, if you decide to take better buy Biodramina caffeine to avoid becoming sleepy. The medicine should be taken at least half an hour before starting the journey or immersion, because once one started to feel sick is useless.

4. Keep distracted. Avoid read.

5. Avoid enclosed spaces: enter a cabin, go to the bathroom ...

6. odors: odors such as that produced by the engine of the boat, cigarette smoke, strong perfumes or colonies, can affect us in the most unexpected moments.

9. Soak: If you see that begins to feel dizzy and whenever possible, a dip can help you feel better.