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Nosebleeds at Costa Blanca

Published the 24 July 2015

Nosebleeds usually originate in the part of the nose that divides each nostril. It is a very rich fabric in small blood and lymphatic vessels often can break.

The causes of nosebleeds include:

1) Dry mucosa due to the climate: The Costa Blanca is a very humid place, Dénia especially in summer time when the air is full of moisture due to the large amount of water due to the heat evaporizada. Notwithstanding the high temperatures may intervene in the cause of nosebleeds. 2) minor injuries: In common, especially in children, nosebleeds originate because of small wounds that become smaller with the vice of picking your nose or nose picking. 3) Respiratory conditions: A cold can also provoke nasal congestion that can obstruct us capillaries and lead to generate a nosebleed.

What to do when you nosebleed

We have talked a lot about how to deal with a nosebleed. What if you tilt your head to take it forward or backward, put cotton in your nostrils, .... It is best to always put your head upright or standard and finger tighten the front of the nose a few minutes until the bleeding stops. It not for nothing recommends that the affected person nosebleed tilt your head back because this way the blood is swallowed and increases blood pressure. Nor it is recommended to plug the nose with a cotton or gauze to remove them as you can break up the clot is formed and bleeding will occur.


What to do if you nosebleed