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Children's otolaryngology Costa Blanca

Published the 19 June 2015

As explained in previous post , Otolaryngology is the medical discipline that is responsible for controlling diseases of the ear, nose and larynx. These parts of the body, which in adulthood require periodic attention , achieve greater importance in childhood as seemingly innocuous , poorly healed injuries can cause significant problems in adulthood. Is common in children have ear infections or sore throats and other ailments that are directly related to the common cold .


However , children's ear infections can cause bad gestionanda significant hearing loss , affecting the personal development of the child.

Toys that can cause deafness

Many toys encourage the growth and development of children and their cusiosidad . However , there are some toys , aided by sound resources draw attention to the small , can cause deafness. Sounds of about 80 decibels is recommended for a toy and other noises . However , the charity care to the hearing impaired "Key" has released an analysis which concludes that "many pistols and toy guns can generate noise than 110 - 135 decibels " sound comparable to that produced a truck , for example . In addition, the same study found that the noise is lower in decibels but steady , like music boxes of around 85-95 decibels, also it can cause deafness if the child is exposed for more than 15 minutes "since to hear well , children are closer to the ear speakers "