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Sore throat in summer, SOS A/A!

Published the 03 June 2015

During the summer , we walked down the street and feel sweltering , we get into the car and put on the air conditioning, and back down to parquin be warm . Then, in the shops , we get the creeps from the cold again. Sudden changes in temperature we experience in varano cause our health ailments , sore throat being one of the main complaints we spent during the summer.


Keep in mind a series of precautions and enjoy fully the summer.

1. Temperature difference It is important that we do not experience sudden temperature shocks. Try not to put the air conditioning more than 2-5 degrees below room temperature. If you make 30 on the outside, the air conditioning at 25 ° C and cooling is not necessary to reach 18 ° C.

2. Ventilation space The air conditioning accumulates bacteria and microorganisms in their tubes that are driven out with fresh air. Ventilate the rooms can help to renew the environment and prevent accumulation of germs that can provoke health problems.

3. Drinking, hydrated The air conditioning dries the environment and, likewise, our throat dry air across it when we breathe. Drink fluids in small sips throughout the day keeps us hydrated, it stifles our feeling of warmth and also helps us to "cleanse" the area of the throat of organisms.

Take note of these tips and enjoy a summer free of sore throats.