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Detect early symptoms of deafness!

Published the 24 August 2015

A hearing impairment detected early can avoid serious outcomes such as deafness, especially in infants.

The most recommendable to know if a person hears or not the hearing screening test. Perform a hearing test in the Costa Blanca!

If someone in your family records hearing loss or if you suffered during pregnancy diseases such as rubella, toxoplasmosis, cytomegalovirus or herpes, if your child at birth weighed less than 1,500 grams or meningitis was diagnosed with jaundice or ... Alert!

We recommend that you undergo a hearing screening.


Hearing screening

The hearing screening is a set of audiological tests that must be practiced to a large population group, but is recommended especially for children between zero and five years of age.

The purpose of the test is to detect early hearing loss.

In the case of infants specialists recommend do this test before they are three months old. "It's very different if a hearing loss is detected when the baby has completed its first three months, to discover him loss when it's been a year or more because it is likely that during this time has little misheard and, therefore it has been isolated. The logical consequence of this is that there will be a delay in language development and later are going to have difficulties in school performance and learning, in his emotion, and, of course, in their communication with others "says Dr. Adriana Rivas, Medical specializes in Rivas Audiology Clinic.

Besides hearing screening, audiologists advise parents to be always aware of the behavior of their children under one year, that is, when they do not react in the presence of loud noises.

In more advanced stages of their schooling adults should be diligent to complaints from teachers, when referring to distract the children often do not attend the instructions, keep away from peers or routines in their classrooms of class.

"Furthermore, it is in the discretion of the parents observe that if the child is 4 years old and does not speak is because there must be a hearing impairment or a neurological problem. The same, if not respond when you converse in normal tones; if you put the TV volume too loud. All these factors are clear that the child is not having symptoms sufficient auditory feedback, "says otolaryngologist otologist and José Antonio Rivas Rivas Clinic Director.