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¿ Aphonia ? Caring for your voice

Published the 12 June 2015

Often, our voice is not cause for concern because it is something that does not hurt. However, that does not mean it does not hurt to have a healthy voice. There are many voice-related ailments, mostly benign, but some of them can be complicated and end up being a major problem. The snuff, alcohol, speak out or cold drinks are not great friends of our vocal cords.

The most common injuries in the voice are derived for three basic reasons: problems associated with nodules, polyps on the vocal cords edema, inflammatory problems of the vocal cords caused by snuff, important infections or any neurological disease and functional problems They not involve an injury as such but indicate that something is not quite right.

When visiting a specialist

It is important to be alert to the symptoms described. If we notice that we hoarseness persists for at least 10 days and have not had a previous cold, it is advisable to visit a specialist voice. Special care must be men between 50 and 60 years, smoking or have been smoking since they are considered a risk group for cancer of the larynx.

5 Recommendations for a healthy voice

1. Do not cry, Speaking in excess causes ailments in the voice

2. Moisturize our mucous: Drink plenty of fluids, especially during the summer and dry environments.

3. Avoid irritants such as snuff and alcohol

4. Do not expose on how the jet air conditioning in summer and avoid sudden temperature changes.

5. Vitamin A or carotene is great for our mucous membranes. Eating lots of fruits and vegetables is key.